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NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a technique that enables you to understand how your language affects everything you do. It helps you to improve your language in the most powerful and positive way. This allows you to reprogram how you react to things.


Creating resourceful states:


Most of us would look at anxiety as an un-resourceful state of mind, however sometimes it is appropriate to feel anxious, if our life is in danger or we could be harmed in some way where we may need to protect ourselves,  we would need our adrenals to kick into action so we can fight or fly.


If however we were in a situation where our imagination or old memory triggers are set off and it is not helpful, then we can learn to change the way we behave by changing the way we experience that trigger through our senses. We can model this new more resourceful state by understanding how other people that are behave in a calm way are able to access that more empowering state of mind.


When we create a positive empowering anchor that instantly switches us to a more resourceful state of mind, that instantly switches off the adrenal response and switches on the parasympathetic nerves system. Helping us to manage things with confidence and ease.


NLP helps you to get in touch with your emotional triggers more quickly. It enables you to cancel out negative emotional patterns and replace them with positive and beneficial emotional wisdom, on a deep, subconscious level. This allows you to move on and create a positive attitude toward yourself and your environment.


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