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Anxiety, stress and phobias



What is Anxiety?


Anxiety is an emotional state that many people experience, you are not broken it is an opportunity to learn how to reprogram the way you react emotionally to life. Anxiety can be a result of a traumatic event, fears or phobias that people might only experience sometimes or may experience daily.Through my hypnotherapy practice there are lot of people who come in wanting me to help them deal with anxiety and stress. It may be due to relationship issues at home or at work or just life getting busy and not being able to find balance. I find that people at any stage of their lives can be affected by this and learning tools to help them build the confidence and clarity to learn from those stressful moments is an important part of what I do as a hypnotherapist. People who have hit rock bottom don't always know where to start.


What is stress?


Stress is often your body's way of telling you that you need to address something. When we try to ignore the stress that keeps building emotionally, it can often result in migraines, sleep disturbance and ill health. It is important to listen to that wisdom within you, that part of you that knows who you are and what you need to find balance. When people choose to put aside an hour of their time, to focus on finding resolution within them, it is a great opportunity to listen to their wisdom and gain clarity around finding a way forward. Stress is often a very important part of keeping us motivated. If you were to go through life without experiencing stress, there would be no reason to change, adapt or to grow.


Effects of stress on self confidence:


There is an increasing amount of work related stress, and this leaves many people feeling emotionally drained; their loss of self confidence in the work place courses them to experience panic attacks. The thought of going to work and dealing with the workplace bullies scares them. I have helped many people who are dealing with stress, and together we begin to assess the situation so they can look at finding ways to effectively communicate and get the support that they may need to make the changes within their working environment, or to get the courage to look for other employment, where they will get the respect that they deserve. I always start by helping them to feel better in themselves so they have the right energy, to then take action in both this and other areas of their lives. If you or anyone you know may benefit from hypnotherapy coaching please feel free to contact me.


How can hypnotherapy help to resolve stress?


Hypnotherapy is not about sitting down with your eyes closed and listening to me talk at you, it is a method of getting you into a deep level of relaxation, were you are able to really slow down, and tap into your inner knowledge. Hypnosis can help to deepen your understanding of your situation and to find a way to resolve it quickly, and move on. My job is to guide you and together we can develop strategies and to build your motivation and inner confidence to follow through on what you need. Do you want to know more about tools for stress? Read more...




As a hypnotherapist I see many people with different phobias wanting to be released from them forever. I get really excited when I see how dramatic the change can be for them. Read more...


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