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I have been practicing meditation since I was 13 years old. It has helped me to keep in balance emotionally. I started to practice yoga and that introduced me to the art form of meditation. I really enjoy sharing what I know with others and have been privileged to see how it can make such a powerful change in peoples lives when they start to practice it everyday. For me it is like recharging my inner energy and it lets me feel more open to the opportunities that are in front of me.


There are many different styles of meditation and as a hypnotherapist the style that I use when teaching people comes from my knowledge of hypnosis and yoga. When I teach people meditation I begin with showing them how to slow down the mind and the body using breathing techniques. I love seeing the reaction people have after they experience this form of relaxation.


Meditation is different to sleep; you have a level of awareness because you are slowing down. If you have never tried meditation I would like to invite you to try it. Is it time for you to have a feeling of peace in your life? This is an opportunity to tap into your inner resources and to use meditation to enhance your feeling of wellbeing. Helping you to be at your best. These are just some example of the mediations I cover. If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch with me.


10 Day meditation program


Understanding Mindfulness meditation

Did you know that practacing mindfulness meditation can help to reduce anxiety and stress watch this short video and find out more.

Mindful meditation

Meditation zoom classes are starting in February 2021 

Breath meditation

Within every moment in time is wisdom and order that we can experience with all our senses...

As we breath in we breath in life every breath is sacred and we have the ability to bring profound relaxation to our mind when we breath deeply and slowly.

Walking meditation
Love and Kindness meditation

Each step in done with perfect balance our body and mind are one. We shift out mind and our body follows waiting for the next instruction. Stop and feel the intelligence behind each movement.

Open to the wonders of loving thoughts and actions. Show kindness first to yourself and then towards others...

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