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Clinical Hypnotherapy


Being in a state of Hypnosis is not the same as sleep. We are always learning, changing and adapting to new things and when you engage the use of active suggestion it becomes a powerful tool to help break habits and negative belief patterns that may have been stopping you from getting what you want in life. As soon as you begin to address the issues I will begin to work on how you see and feel about it and what you want instead.


What will you experience?


Many people experience a feeling of heaviness or you may feel as if you are floating or detached from your body. You will still be aware of the sounds in or out of the room-everything seems clearer. Whatever you experience it is a wonderful way to explore the depths of your subconscious mind. When you are in this state you are very aware of your thoughts and feelings and you will still feel like you are in control.


What is the job of a hypnotherapist?


My job is to guide you through a learning experience. Hypnosis helps you to uncover and understand what motivates you. It also helps you to identify any areas that need to be explored through the power of your imagination (subconscious mind). Your subconscious mind can be very creative, and learning how to use self-hypnosis properly can be a very rewarding and a powerful tool.


Will I remember what has happened?


Some time people feel so relaxed that they don’t recall everything that they have said or that hypnotherapy others remember everything. Often when we wake up in the morning we can remember the dream we are having then something interrupts us and when we try to remember the dream the details of the dream have faded away. That is often what people experience, just remember everyone is different and you will experience states of focused attention in your own way. You are always in control of what you do at the end of that session. My job is to be a guide.


Reprogramming your mind to enhance positive outcomes:


Change your negative patterns into positive and motivating patterns by learning how to be the master of your mind. You experience the power of being open to suggestion (self hypnosis) all throughout the day. For example, when going to sleep when waking in the morning, before you open your eyes, when daydreaming, when using your imagination or visualisation. As a hypnotherapist it is my job to guide you through this positive and relaxed form of therapy and teach you how to effectively use your thoughts in that most positive way.



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